MH71, Narita to KL

We get off at terminal two of Narita Airport.

After checking in and pass through all the security checking, we went to buy the Shiroi Koibito chocolate which is available only at Hokkaido and Narita Airport. At the meantime, we bought the Tokyo Banana too, as ‘souvenir’ to our colleague. :)

Tokyo Banana… the shape is like banana and the taste is like banana too..

I thought to bring KW to have lunch at the lounge, but too bad as there is only snack serving. No choice …

She enjoy the potato chips

And not forgotten a glass of cola ….

The comfortable seat of Qatar Airways Privilege Club,

Power plug and LAN port for internet access

Btw, we have a great seat at the lounge….

As usual, the boarding gate of MAS always the last one which we have to walk a lot… is it the rental for a distant boarding gate cheaper?

KW dozes off during the take off while KX is very excited…. But luckily he fall asleep too after playing for a while. The cabin crews are very friendly which is totally opposite from the flight to Narita before. Also, the toys given is much nicer than the earlier one although they are still ‘cheaper’ than Cathay’s.

Our lunch and snack on board…

According to the air stewardess, MAS decided to change the MH71 from boeing 777-200 to the ropey airbus with the reason not much passenger. Damn….

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