finally, bye bye to Japan

Finally it comes to the last night of our holiday…. but I still don’t feel going home…. LOL

It took me few hours to pack all the belongings to the luggage and boxes…

Luckily still manage to get up on time to change the kids and catch the taxi sharp at 8am. I ask the hotel help me to book for a taxi to Disney Ambassador Hotel for airport limousine bus.

The taxi driver is very well manner and helpful to help us load and unload the belongings to and from the taxi. We were very impress with the service from the 5 star hotel of Japan. A hotel staff brings us to the hotel front desk to pay for the airport limousine bus ticket after ‘checking-in’ our luggage which will be then load to the storage bay of the bus.

We walk around in the hotel and purposely have a glimpse on the famous ‘Chef Mickey’ restaurant. The queue for the Chef Mickey is long, their breakfast is open for the hotel guests only and advance reservation is needed. I always wish I can have breakfast here one day!

I noticed the bus ticket which is put inside my pocket was lost and the worst is, it is almost time to board the bus!!! Immediately I run to the front desk to check if anyone has pick up it and pass to them. Thanks god, the tickets were with them! Someone found the ticket in the Disney store of the hotel.

There is not many passenger in the bus and both of us fall asleep soundly for the entire journey to Narita airport…..

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