After the shopping trip in Shin Urayasu,

….. we decided to have another trip to Disneyland, just to catch the firework which we miss out the last 2 days. We put the loots to the locker in Maihama station before go to the park.

This time, we go to the park by taking the Disney cruise line (the monorail) which KW described as Mickey train. Just to let her experience to take the Mickey train which she always wanted to… She like it and enjoy the ride so much, worth to spend.

We thought to go for another round of ‘it’s a small world’ ride since the kids like it so much, but we didn’t. The weather just too cold… and I thought maybe next time la… :)

The fantasy blooming in the sky sharp at 8.30pm and it marked the end of our holiday.

It is a tiring night as I have to think of how to squeeze all the loots to the luggage. But, it seems like impossible and I have to buy a box from the hotel in the middle of night.

The kids…

While waiting for the monorail to Disneyland

The monorail platform

The mickey handrail of the monorail

Some shots inside the shop of Disneyland

And last, night view of the landmark of Disneyland, Cinderella Castle.
I am trying to make myself stood steady when taking this shot, not bad huh!! :)

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