the last day in Tokyo….

Disneyland is a place of fun and joyous, and 2 days there is more than enough for us although we didn’t went to play all the attraction. With 2 kids, we just want the trip be relax and flexible, so a day for attraction and another for parade is perfect for us. We even sit on the bench in Disneyland to chit chat instead of getting around snapping photo which we usually do for the previous trip. Very relax, indeed.

We actually planned to visit DisneySea on the last day we were in Japan, but we didn’t although we have already bought the ticket. We bought the 3 days passport. The weather wasn’t good on that day; it is raining even before sunrise. So, what else can we do in the raining day?

What’s more? Shopping lor….. :)

At first I thought maybe we can go to Garden Walk Outlet which is only few train station away, but I scare I spend too much, so better go to Shin Urayasu since I want to buy more vacuum bag.

Shin Urayasu is only one station away from Maihama and there is shopping mall connected with the train station. There is Daiei supermarket, Daiso 100Yen shop, Uniqlo, Comme Ca ISM, Muji and many… apparently, it is the best place for me us.

The kids were in their dreamland while I am ‘battling’ with the Yen. So syiok to shop without the kids disturb! LOL

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