Maihama … finally

After feeding KW medicine, we decided to leave Kichijoji and depart to Maihama early so that she can have a good rest in the bed instead of stroller.

We first return to station Ikebukuro via transit at Shinjuku, and then change to subway for Shin-kiba before proceed with JR to Maihama. There are 2 routes to Maihama from Ikebukuro.

1. Ikebukuro [JR Yamanote Line] Tokyo [JR Keiyo Line] Maihama
The disadvantage of this route is, the platform for JR Keiyo line is far, about 15-20 mins walk.

2. Ikebukuro [subway Yurakucho Line] Shin-Kiba [JR Keiyo Line] Maihama
the advantage is the platform is much nearer

It is raining dog and cat in Ikebukuro by the time we reached there. Lucky that our hand carry is keep in the locker and not with the hotel. :)

KW was so happy when we reach the Maihama station. Mickey is everywhere in the station and she even tells me she want to go to see Mickey. I have to tell her the sky is dark and we can only go on the next day.

We go to the hotel by the free shuttle bus provided. After checking in to our room, I bring KW to the hotel restaurant for dinner while hubby feeds KX in room.

In the restaurant, the light turns off suddenly but soon we saw the beautiful fireworks outside the window. That is the fireworks from Disney. How nice being greet by the beautiful fireworks! KW is very happy to see the fireworks while having her dinner. It was a great experience for us, too bad hubby and KX missed it.

Ps: msau is so nice giving me a pack of fever patch when I borrow the fever medicine from her later the night.

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