delicious ramen at 麺創房無敵家

After dumping all the loots to the room, we went out again for dinner.

We were undecided what to eat for dinner, then I ask KW if she prefer to eat rice or noodle. She said noodle. So, our dinner for the day is the famous ramen (麺創房無敵家) of Ikebukuro which is located at East Ikebukuro.

Saw msau family outside the room and we decided to join together for the famous ramen.

“wow” “so long queue” that are our first impression to the ramen restaurant! After waiting for nearly 40mins, we got our seat finally.

We are bit greedy I order the large size ramen as though to share with KW since upgrading is free. :) The ramen is delicious but, just too large the size!

See the queue, we are queuing somewhere behind ler!

Some photo outside the restaurant…

they are hiring …

the ‘sauces’, the left one is tea concentrate; just add it to the plain water if you prefer to have tea instead of plain water.

inside the small restaurant…

and the delicious ramen!!!

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