Second day in Hakone

After checking out the onsen hotel, we continue our journey to visit to the Museum of Little Prince and Venetian Glass Museum. Both the museum looks so beautiful with European style.

The entrance of Museum of Little Prince has a bubble making machine, the kids love it so much and chasing around for bubbles. KW makes some fuss when the exploring journey to the museum started as she refuses to take photo.

The Venetian Glass Museum is beautiful and romantic too. The garden is very into European style and I just like the greenery of the garden. The jam workshop is great and has lot of flavor of jam for guests to test! They are so yummy! Meet msau and her family in the Gelato ice cream stall and we had our very first yucky watermelon gelato ice cream!

The kids are so happy to meet with each other and keep holding each other hands no matter where they went. They seems even closer than me and msau ler! Hahhaha ….

We have soba noodle as our lunch. The soba restaurant located just opposite the Venetian Glass Museum.

and here the photo….. before we continue the journey to outlet.

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