first day in HK

AK 78 was rescheduled to 1705 and took off on time. Nothing to comment about the airasia flight but I reckon it was a pleasant flight for us. The kids are doing well in flight; most grateful is the ‘terrible two’ didn’t ask for a catwalk in flight. His terrible two symptoms just started right before the trip!! :S

Ops, daring us didn’t wear any face mask during the entire trip. :)


The flight landed at Hong Kong International Airport at about 9pm. We proceed to get the Octopus card after the immigration and customs clearance. Instead of taking Airport Express Train which has to transit at Kowloon Station, we took the AirBus A21 operated by Citybus as there is a station at Hotel Nathan, which is the hotel we going to stay.

The hotel front desk assistant was so kind to offer an upgrade for us. We were upgraded to a studio suite and the rate I pay is HKD426.80 per night. Isn’t it a very good bargain?

I supposed everyone were very tired after traveling for the whole day and we should sleep early to recharge for Disneyland on the next day. But, the ‘terrible two’ refuse to sleep on bed, instead, he want to sleep on the coach while watching TV. So, I have to accompany him with my eyes close while he is watching ‘snooker’ on the TV before he wiling to move to the bed. He reckons ‘snooker’ as 打球 (hit the ball). :S

Note : I was expected to see some ‘praying’ on the street since it was the 14th of July of Chinese calendar, but disappointed didn’t see anything as seen in the TV. LOL



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