MH71, Narita to KL

We get off at terminal two of Narita Airport.

After checking in and pass through all the security checking, we went to buy the Shiroi Koibito chocolate which is available only at Hokkaido and Narita Airport. At the meantime, we bought the Tokyo Banana too, as ‘souvenir’ to our colleague. :)

Tokyo Banana… the shape is like banana and the taste is like banana too..

I thought to bring KW to have lunch at the lounge, but too bad as there is only snack serving. No choice …

She enjoy the potato chips

And not forgotten a glass of cola ….

The comfortable seat of Qatar Airways Privilege Club,

Power plug and LAN port for internet access

Btw, we have a great seat at the lounge….

As usual, the boarding gate of MAS always the last one which we have to walk a lot… is it the rental for a distant boarding gate cheaper?

KW dozes off during the take off while KX is very excited…. But luckily he fall asleep too after playing for a while. The cabin crews are very friendly which is totally opposite from the flight to Narita before. Also, the toys given is much nicer than the earlier one although they are still ‘cheaper’ than Cathay’s.

Our lunch and snack on board…

According to the air stewardess, MAS decided to change the MH71 from boeing 777-200 to the ropey airbus with the reason not much passenger. Damn….

finally, bye bye to Japan

Finally it comes to the last night of our holiday…. but I still don’t feel going home…. LOL

It took me few hours to pack all the belongings to the luggage and boxes…

Luckily still manage to get up on time to change the kids and catch the taxi sharp at 8am. I ask the hotel help me to book for a taxi to Disney Ambassador Hotel for airport limousine bus.

The taxi driver is very well manner and helpful to help us load and unload the belongings to and from the taxi. We were very impress with the service from the 5 star hotel of Japan. A hotel staff brings us to the hotel front desk to pay for the airport limousine bus ticket after ‘checking-in’ our luggage which will be then load to the storage bay of the bus.

We walk around in the hotel and purposely have a glimpse on the famous ‘Chef Mickey’ restaurant. The queue for the Chef Mickey is long, their breakfast is open for the hotel guests only and advance reservation is needed. I always wish I can have breakfast here one day!

I noticed the bus ticket which is put inside my pocket was lost and the worst is, it is almost time to board the bus!!! Immediately I run to the front desk to check if anyone has pick up it and pass to them. Thanks god, the tickets were with them! Someone found the ticket in the Disney store of the hotel.

There is not many passenger in the bus and both of us fall asleep soundly for the entire journey to Narita airport…..

After the shopping trip in Shin Urayasu,

….. we decided to have another trip to Disneyland, just to catch the firework which we miss out the last 2 days. We put the loots to the locker in Maihama station before go to the park.

This time, we go to the park by taking the Disney cruise line (the monorail) which KW described as Mickey train. Just to let her experience to take the Mickey train which she always wanted to… She like it and enjoy the ride so much, worth to spend.

We thought to go for another round of ‘it’s a small world’ ride since the kids like it so much, but we didn’t. The weather just too cold… and I thought maybe next time la… :)

The fantasy blooming in the sky sharp at 8.30pm and it marked the end of our holiday.

It is a tiring night as I have to think of how to squeeze all the loots to the luggage. But, it seems like impossible and I have to buy a box from the hotel in the middle of night.

The kids…

While waiting for the monorail to Disneyland

The monorail platform

The mickey handrail of the monorail

Some shots inside the shop of Disneyland

And last, night view of the landmark of Disneyland, Cinderella Castle.
I am trying to make myself stood steady when taking this shot, not bad huh!! :)

the last day in Tokyo….

Disneyland is a place of fun and joyous, and 2 days there is more than enough for us although we didn’t went to play all the attraction. With 2 kids, we just want the trip be relax and flexible, so a day for attraction and another for parade is perfect for us. We even sit on the bench in Disneyland to chit chat instead of getting around snapping photo which we usually do for the previous trip. Very relax, indeed.

We actually planned to visit DisneySea on the last day we were in Japan, but we didn’t although we have already bought the ticket. We bought the 3 days passport. The weather wasn’t good on that day; it is raining even before sunrise. So, what else can we do in the raining day?

What’s more? Shopping lor….. :)

At first I thought maybe we can go to Garden Walk Outlet which is only few train station away, but I scare I spend too much, so better go to Shin Urayasu since I want to buy more vacuum bag.

Shin Urayasu is only one station away from Maihama and there is shopping mall connected with the train station. There is Daiei supermarket, Daiso 100Yen shop, Uniqlo, Comme Ca ISM, Muji and many… apparently, it is the best place for me us.

The kids were in their dreamland while I am ‘battling’ with the Yen. So syiok to shop without the kids disturb! LOL

another trip to Disneyland

We spend a total of 2 full days in Disneyland.

As usual, having fun with the Disney character right after enter to the park.

And went to rent a stroller after that,

Our lunch …

A lot of people waiting for the parade,

the 25th anniversary special parade, Jubilation!

And we saw this, Mr. Incredible

KW with her Ms Minnie

KX is curios to those character head …

Sleeping baby….

KW and the castle

Tokyo Disneyland

A picture illustrated a thousand words.

Finally, it is the day to Disneyland. We take the hotel shuttle bus to Maihama station. Distance between JR Maihama station and Disneyland is about 10 mins walk. The weather is hot and I sweat while walking to the theme park!

The park is not as crowded as last time we went. But, I still get the fastpass for Pooh attraction as the waiting time for Pooh is about nearly an hour. As usual, we spend most of the time at Toon Town and Fantasy Land.

It’s a small world is the favorite attraction of the kids, especially KX. He enjoys himself so much and even dance during the entire boat ride. :)

OK, enough of crap, let’s share our happiness from the photo here …. :)

Maihama … finally

After feeding KW medicine, we decided to leave Kichijoji and depart to Maihama early so that she can have a good rest in the bed instead of stroller.

We first return to station Ikebukuro via transit at Shinjuku, and then change to subway for Shin-kiba before proceed with JR to Maihama. There are 2 routes to Maihama from Ikebukuro.

1. Ikebukuro [JR Yamanote Line] Tokyo [JR Keiyo Line] Maihama
The disadvantage of this route is, the platform for JR Keiyo line is far, about 15-20 mins walk.

2. Ikebukuro [subway Yurakucho Line] Shin-Kiba [JR Keiyo Line] Maihama
the advantage is the platform is much nearer

It is raining dog and cat in Ikebukuro by the time we reached there. Lucky that our hand carry is keep in the locker and not with the hotel. :)

KW was so happy when we reach the Maihama station. Mickey is everywhere in the station and she even tells me she want to go to see Mickey. I have to tell her the sky is dark and we can only go on the next day.

We go to the hotel by the free shuttle bus provided. After checking in to our room, I bring KW to the hotel restaurant for dinner while hubby feeds KX in room.

In the restaurant, the light turns off suddenly but soon we saw the beautiful fireworks outside the window. That is the fireworks from Disney. How nice being greet by the beautiful fireworks! KW is very happy to see the fireworks while having her dinner. It was a great experience for us, too bad hubby and KX missed it.

Ps: msau is so nice giving me a pack of fever patch when I borrow the fever medicine from her later the night.

the gal not feeling well

KW starts to show signs of tiredness and sleepiness when we are in the GAP store at Kichijoji. So, I get her rest in the stroller. However, very abnormal she get tired so early, so I keep checking her if she have any uneasy. Lucky that I did so, I could feel the heat of her body and very sure that she got fever. Ouch……

We return to the drugstore at the covered shopping street to buy a thermometer and also to buy the fever medicine. I left the medicine in the big luggage which will arrive in the hotel only on the next day.

I was like “WAHHH..” when I saw the price of the thermometer! The digital thermometer prices up to around RM200++! No point pay so much for a digital thermometer, I rather spend it for ear thermometer from Braun here. So, I simply buy the cheapest.

Immediately we put the thermometer under kw armpit. Gosh… I just realize it took 10mins to get the most accurate temperature! We didn’t wait for 10mins as the temperature already show 38C even just a few minutes. So, feed her medicine and let her nap in the stroller.

KX is the most happy as he finally can get out from the stroller and walk.

I have really no heart to shop anymore as I was so worry about KW. I am worry if she needs 3 days to recover and how she enjoys the fun in Disneyland if she is not feeling well!!!