Finally it comes to the last day touring in the city, we will move to another hotel in Maihama which is nearer to the kingdom of magic.

It was not a good day as the weather forecast show ‘raining’ almost the whole day. With such weather, better stay indoor, right? So, we decided to have another shopping day at Kichijoji (吉祥寺).

We send our luggage to the hotel we going to stay in Maihama via the courier service from the front desk and keep a small hand carry bag with us as the luggage will arrive in the hotel on the next day. I store the hand carry bag in the locker at station Ikebukuro as later we will return to this station and take the subway to Shin-kiba. No point carry the bag go here and there… :)

It is drizzle at Kichijoji … anyway, it doesn’t stop me to shop walk since most of the shopping street are covered. My first mission is hunting the famous matsuzaka-beef ball.

See, have to queue to buy the famous matsuzaka-beef ball (松阪牛). :) No photo for the beef ball, too hungry liao, but it is really delicious and huge!

Spot this cute cigarette from the vending machine opposite, thought to buy for my colleague, but sold out

I am really surprise when I saw my favorite can-do 100 Yen shop. I personally feel that the quality from can-do is better than daiso. I bought some snacks and vacuum bags. :)

Our next mission after is hunt for the GAP store. Manage to find one at 0101 City. The store is huge. I bought some T and short pants for the kids. T is 900yen each and short pants is 1400yen each.

delicious ramen at 麺創房無敵家

After dumping all the loots to the room, we went out again for dinner.

We were undecided what to eat for dinner, then I ask KW if she prefer to eat rice or noodle. She said noodle. So, our dinner for the day is the famous ramen (麺創房無敵家) of Ikebukuro which is located at East Ikebukuro.

Saw msau family outside the room and we decided to join together for the famous ramen.

“wow” “so long queue” that are our first impression to the ramen restaurant! After waiting for nearly 40mins, we got our seat finally.

We are bit greedy I order the large size ramen as though to share with KW since upgrading is free. :) The ramen is delicious but, just too large the size!

See the queue, we are queuing somewhere behind ler!

Some photo outside the restaurant…

they are hiring …

the ‘sauces’, the left one is tea concentrate; just add it to the plain water if you prefer to have tea instead of plain water.

inside the small restaurant…

and the delicious ramen!!!

shopping at Ikebukuro

After the tiredness day to Hakone, we decided to hold back the plan to Kamakura on the forth day. Just too lazy to have another one-hour train ride, also don’t want to tire the kids.

We wake up quite late on that day and lazing in the room until afternoon. Our destination for the day is shopping exploring Ikebukuro. Since we are staying in Ikebukuro, so we don’t have to take any train or buses, instead our transport for the day is our feet.

We first explore around the west and north Ikebukuro which is near to the hotel we stayed, then only we headed to the east Ikebukuro. East Ikebukuro is in another side of the JR station and it is much busier.

We have our lunch at a famous ramen restaurant from Osaka. The ramen here in Tokyo is not as nice as the one in Osaka. But, one thing good about this ramen restaurant is, they serve porridge, rice + ramen soup.

We headed to Sunshine City which is just opposite the ramen restaurant. Bring the kids to Toy ‘R’ Us and have our first shopping spree at Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a common brand in Japan, their clothes is cheap and the fabric is good although it is made in China. :)

After that, we went to Tokyu Hands to search for the bento tools. There are a lot but most of the items in my list are sold out, especially the collection of pooh! Anyway, I just try my best to grab whatever they have.

It is a fruitful shopping day. Really can’t imagine if I shopping at Shinjuku and not Ikebukuro, there must be even more fruitful!

This is ramen restaurant we went …

Kid Utensil was served without asking

While waiting for the ramen…..

The porridge ramen

The ramen

Uniqlo, see the star blinking effect from the light? My S80 showing sign of retire… :)

And some of the photo of the street in Ikebukuro => here…. I am using DC to snap the photo, with one hand, and some of the photo is snap while walking.