busy … lazy

I been really lazy and busy till this site has been abandoned for quite some time. Sometimes I even has forgotten about this site and when I remember of it, i don’t know where to start as I have too many to jot down. And, there are two trips planned for next year. Hopefully I have enough of money for both the trips although I always said no more shopping crazily when traveling, but one of the trip is during the great summer sales!!! Argh ……..

Btw, our local budget airline really too fast in launching new route and my pocket feel too burden to chase after them. Mind you, the introduce fare will be much cheaper than regular discounted fare. I bought the air ticket to Japan at super cheap price during their launching few months ago. Well, maybe I should skip their new launching now and save the money just in case they have new route to Arizona in future. I heard that they have the plan to fly to the state. Anyway, better start to save the money and check out those arizona vacation experts or arizona lodging experts when I am free so that I can expect how much I am going to spend for a trip there.