the theme park …


We reach the theme park at around 12.40pm. It was quite late as I expected to arrive early. Gosh …


Since we had a late breakfast, so we take the time to walk around the park and stuff the kids with pack of Milo. There is High School Musical parade which is closure for the past few days, however the kids doesn’t like it. We first go to the Tomorrow land for the Buzz Lightyear ride and the boy loves it so much. He want to play it repeat and repeat! Of course, we manage to snap some photo with buzz lightyear too.


To be frank, the food inside the theme park is not tasty at all!!! Lucky that it was free. We have several round of photo taking session with the character at Fantasy Garden. We had a really fun time inside the theme park as we don’t have to rush like mad for this and that.

We leave the park at around 7pm to avoid the crowd at MTR station.

Dieneyland again ….. the ticket

Monday is our last day in Hong Kong and we will move to Macau on the next day.

We are supposed to go to Ocean Park but when I ask the kids if they prefer Mickey or Dolphin, both of them agreed to re-visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. Well, I don’t mind to return to Disneyland as long as the kids like it since both park also very HOT, I means the weather. :)

Instead of buying the Disneyland ticket at the theme park, we bought it from a local agent at TST. The ticket from the local agent comes with a free meal & drink, which is much worthy. The gal got the annual pass to the Disneyland, so we only have to buy 2 tickets.

It took us some time to get to the agent office for the ticket. It was a big mistake as we opt to walk to TST from our hotel; we should get a cab which is easier n faster. While we are on the way to the agent office, I saw the restaurant which I initially plan to have dinner, immediately I delete it from my list as it was quite far to the MTR station.