Ikebukuro & Akihabara

We headed to take the Morning Liner (Keisei Line) to town after the customs and immigration clearance. We drop off at Ueno and change to Yamanote Line for Ikebukuro.

We walked to the hotel according to the instruction I got from forum, they claims it as the easiest and shortest distance to the hotel. Well, the hotel is not far actually, but due to the station exit for this hotel has no escalator, only staircase, so they work out another route for it. But I tell you, never follow this route!! It was so far!! In fact the shortest way is, get out from the department store (can’t remember whether it is Seibu or Tobu). There is escalator available in the department store.

We then headed to buy camera after checking in to the hotel. According to the data from kakaku.com, this shop offer the best price for the model I wanted to buy. Well, after searching it for some times, we were told that they have run out of stock for this model. So, off we went to another shop, Outlet Plaza which located at Akihabara.

Outlet Plaza is pretty easy to find and we manage to get the camera at last. Immediately I insert the memory card and start using it. Since we were there at Akihabara, we just walk around before off to next destination.

Flight to Tokyo

The flight takes off on time and we were offer meal for the route KL to KK. We have to transit in KK for flight to Tokyo.

KK airport is small, as well as the MAS Lounge. At first, I thought there should have some ‘bigger’ shop for me to kill time, but I was wrong. There are only few shops and most of them selling the same things, more like local made souvenir.

We were asked to line up to get into the cabin to continue our journey to Tokyo

We were offer another light meal after the take off. By that time, the gal has already fallen asleep. So good to eat without disturb. :)

The flight was smooth and landing at about 6.23am. Tell you, I love the feeling of landing! So good to be in Japan!!

Another trip

After checking and analyst the red leave forecast from previous year’s record, we decide to depart on 16 November and return on 30 November. We will first go to Tokyo to enjoy the Disney theme park before headed to Kyoto for red leave. It is not our first time to these places, so we didn’t arrange much destination this time. Mainly is to enjoy the surrounding and the peace.