Another trip to Disneyland


How lucky, we woke up with a sunny day! :)

We quickly get everything ready and off to Disneyland early in the morning. I feel so excite as though I am first time being there. Anyway, it is my third time.

The first thing we did after get into the park is, snap some photo with the signature scenery of Disneyland and most important is, get the fast past for Pooh Hunny Hunt. The hot cake of Disneyland! We then head over to the Fantasy Land for some baby friendly attraction/game, like Alice’s Tea Party and Haunted Mansion. Okay, Haunted Mansion is not that baby friendly, but it is one of my favourite games, how could I miss it? Lucky that KW has no afraid at all. :)

After exploring the theme park, as well as play most of the game/attraction, we then head over to the baby center to rest change the gal. We miss the Electrical Parade but manage to catch the fantasy in the sky, the fireworks!

I didn’t get to sleep well the whole night as we have to wash the clothes and also to pack the luggage. Yeah, we are going to check out from the hotel tomorrow and fly over to Hokkaido!

Raining Day at Disneyland


It is a raining day; however we still remain our initial plan to Disneyland as the ticket was bought. It is not cheap, man!

We keep our luggage in the locker at Maihama Station after checking out from the hotel. At first, I thought to stay another night in the hotel; however they are run out of house. :(

After storing the luggage, we then off to Disneyland by wearing the expensive rain coat (it cost 500 yen)! Due to the bad weather, KW has to be seated on her stroller for the day!

The rain is getting heavier and the only game/attraction we are able to play is, “it’s a small world’. Well, it is not a good idea to walk under the rain; what’s more it is so cold! So, we made a not so wise decision, which is shopping at the Disney shop which is located at the covered American Street.

After spending a lot in the shop, we leave the theme park early at about 5pm. It seems like the whole Tokyo is raining for the day.

Since there is not much fun in Disneyland for the day, so we plan to re-visit to the kingdom on the next day. :)