Tokyo DisneySea

Today, we will check in to the Hotel Hilton Tokyo Bay which is nearby the Disneyland. We leave our luggage to the hotel concierge. We first take the monorail to check in and dump our hand luggage to the hotel after we reach Maihama Station. We bought the 2 days Disney passport at the hotel as passport bought in Disney official hotel come with admission guarantee. It cost 9600 Yen each for the 2 days passport.

Disney Sea is beautiful with European style. It definitely a great place for photo shooting. Since most of the ride and attractions are more to adults, so we spend most of the time in the Mermaid Lagoon which is a paradise for kids. However, we still have some fun time walking around and play some rides like the Indianna Jones. Also, we bought two bucket of popcorn in strawberry and black pepper flavor.

We didn’t wait for the firework; instead we went to Daiei supermarket which is one station away from Maihama.

It is a tiring day as we traveled a lot.

Blooming Sakura

3 April 2006
Finally, it comes to the day where we could see the blooming sakura. What made the day brighter is, it is a sunny day!!

We have a simple breakfast at 松屋 and headed to the Ueno Park which is just opposite the restaurant. There are blooming sakura along the pathway in the park and it made the park even prettier and romantic. A lot of Japanese picnic under the tree. We spent about nearly 2 hours in the park and snapped a lot of photo.

After exploring the sakura in Ueno Park, our next destination is the Asakusa for the “浅草观音庙” aka “雷门”. This is a famous place which included in all the itinerary of every travel agent. So, could you imagine the crowd? Anyway, since it is not my first time here, so we just spend some time to walk around the 仲见世通. We settle our lunch at a famous tempura restaurant nearby the temple. Their tempura is a bit different from the tempura we usually eat, it is yummy and tasty when it is served in hot.

We went to Shinjuku after lunch. Bought a battery pack for my digital camera at Bic Camera and applied their point card at the same time. The battery pack is about RM100 cheaper than Malaysia’s price. Shinjuku is really a shopping paradise, I have my first shopping spree at GAP, they are really cheap with the discount given. We didn’t stay long in Shinjuku and return to hotel at about 8pm.