0-Fare Carrier or XX?


Based on the above calculation, with the different of 13.50, which airline you will choose?

Be frank, the 13.50 is not a big amount and of course if the different is 135.00 then it will be a huge different. If you ask me to choose, for sure I will choose to fly with the 0-Fare Carrier. With 0-Fare Carrier, I can walk into the airplane from the skybridge without worrying how hot the sun is and if it is raining. Also, I am allowed to carry 20kgs of luggage for each ticket I purchase and not forgotten the free drinks and snack on board.

How would you choose? LOL

Meiji Shrine

A bit like the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine is huge too… and the path to the shrine is not so nice to walk. There is nothing special in the shrine, only the garden and the place is huge. Btw, it is first time I saw the绘马, which people used to write down their wish.

3 ang-moh guy said “arigato” to me after I help them to snap a picture. Cute ah! Hahaha ….

the beautiful 御守

McD Japan

Headed to Harajuku and Meiji Shrine after hanging around in Ginza and had my first McDonalds meal at McD Harajuku. For a first timer who no did any homework about the culture of Japan, I was so surprise to see almost all the customer at McD clean the table and throw away the ‘rubbish’ by themselves instead of get it clean by cleaner like our place here.

I am not daring to leave my seat until I am surely confirmed that we have to be 100% self-service in McD Japan. LOL

on 28 May 2003,

After the tiring day in Disneyland, I drag myself off from the bed unwillingly. Have some light breakfast then headed to the JR station.

I don’t have any destination to go, so, just simply pay a visit to the Imperial Palace and to see the Meganebashi Bridge. Gosh man… the ‘garden’ outside the Imperial Palace is so huge, covered with sand and pebble. I feel like my leg is not belonging to me …..

Stopped by at Ginza to leave my foot prints, yes, I been to Ginza before. :)