A trip to the kingdom of magic

On the 27 of May 2003, I made my very first trip to the kingdom of magic, Disneyland.

I was rushing off to Maihama station after the light breakfast. I m glad that Maihama station is only one station away from the place I stayed. Disneyland haven’t open the time I reach there, so I m hanging around at the souvenir shop, Bon Voyage. I think I spend too much time in Bon Voyage… there are too many beautiful souvenirs…

I love the music play around the park, it made me feel so happy and so young. LOL

So coincide that it is the 20 years anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland and I get to watch the special show “Mickey’s Gifts of Dreams”. It is a nice show but it took quite some time for the show to end. i start to explore the Disneyland from the right of the park, which is Tomorrow Land.

What I have played in the Disneyland? Let’s see…

Tomorrow Land
I played the Star Tour only and give up the Space Mountain, too many people queuing. Initially I wanted to try the 3D, Micro Adventure but too bad as it is under renovation. What a waste! Anyway, there are not many games in Tomorrow Land

Toon Town
Toon Town is a place which dedicated for the kids; none of the game is suitable for me unless I want to take photo. Anyway, I visit to Minnie’s House and Donald’s Boat. Ouch, I am look like a giant in the Donald’s Boat.

Fantasy Land
Most of the Disneyland typical games are located at this park. I play almost all the games here, such as the Snow White’s Adventure, Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, The Mickey Mouse Revue (a quite boring show), Haunted Mansion (I like this the most), It’s a small World and Pooh Hunny Hunt. There is a long queue for Pooh Hunny Hunt, luckily that I got the fast pass for it, anyway, still have to queue for awhile for this and the fast pass I got is at 7pm. Can you imagine how popular Pooh in Japan?

Critter Country
There are only 2 attractions in this land, which is Splash Mountain and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes. I didn’t play any of it, but just took a round in this land.

Western Land
I cruise along the River of America on the Mark Twain Riverboat. It is not a good weather when I ride the boat, a bit cloudy but still ok. I got the fast pass for the Big Thunder Mountain ride, but I didn’t go for it, yeah, I am not so keen on roller coaster.

Adventure Land
Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise are my favorite. The “Caribbean Ocean” in the Pirates of the Caribbean is so real, and I really feel like I am in the deep sea! There is a romantic restaurant next to the Caribbean Ocean. The animals, people of along the Jungle Cruise are so real too… amazing!

Too many attractions and games and I have to give up the parade. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; at least I still manage to catch the firework show, Fantasy in the Sky! So nice the name. LOL

The Fast Pass

Cinderella Castle, the landmark of Disneyland

The founder of Disneyland,

good deal of Disneyland passport

Hakone is located at the Kanagawa Prefecture. While I am on the way from Tokyo to Odawara, I noticed that there is a poster on almost every train station of Kanagawa saying that there is a special promotion of Tokyo Disney Resort and the JR company for Kanagawa Prefecture.

Since I was there, so…. Why not?


Yeah, I stop at one of the ‘don’t know what name’ JR station and bought the passport at 4,300 Yen while the normal rate for the passport is 5,500 Yen, save about 1,200 Yen. The ticket to Disney theme park is call as passport.

Hakone, the transport

With the Hakone Weekday Pass, I can flexibly ride the 7 types of transportation in the area with unlimited boarding. The & of the transportation is :

1. Hakone Tozan Train
I take this train from Odawara 小田原 to Garo 强罗 and have a visit to the Garo Park. Garo Park is French style rock garden which surrounding by promenades, fountains and flower-beds.

Before that, I ate the bento which I bought earlier outside the Garo train station.


2. Hakone Tozan CableCar
At first I thought this cablecar is the ropeway cable car, but it is not, it is mountain-climbing electric train. :) From Garo, I get off at Souzan which is also the last station of the cablecar.

3. Hakone Ropeway
The cabin of the cablecar from Sounzan to Owakudani is in the rounded shape while from Owakudani to Togendai is in square. I get off at Owakudani, which is also a famous tourist spot with sulfurous fumes arising.

Owakudani Valley is the last point of explosion in the long volcanic activity of the Hakone Mountains which started some four hundred thousand years ago.


4. Hakone Sightseeing Ship aka the Pirate ship
From Togendai, I took the ship across the Lake Ashi to Hakonemochi. It is really cold while standing on the deck, but the view is so beautiful.

Lake Ashi is a crater lake and it never freezes over even in the winter. Miraculous! Heard that it has one of the best view of My Fuji, but too bad as the weather is too foggy and I can’t see any mountains beside the Mt Hakone.

The Pirate Ship
Lake Ashi

5. Numazu Tozan Tokai Bus
Hakonemachi is the last stop of my Hakone trip. I take the bus from Hakonemachi to Odawara and return to Tokyo by JR Tokaido Line.

Actually it is not recommended to take the JR Tokaido Line to Hakone as it is really moving slow. Apparently, I didn’t really read the information about Hakone, actually it is highly recommended take the Odakyu Limited Express ‘Romanca Car’ to Hakone.

Although Hakone is famous with onsen, but I didn’t try it as I don’t have enough of time for it and also I am a bit shy to be naked so openly. Clothes or fabrics are not permitted during the onsen, only a small towel is allowed. The small towel is about the size of handkerchief. :)

Sudden trip to Hakone

It is the third day already, time flies….

Today, I decided to make a stop at the station Tokyo before I decide where to go. After rambling for awhile in station Tokyo, I decide to go to Hakone, which is a place famous with onsen. The pretty CS told me that I can take the JR Tokaido Line to Odawara, and then only change to Odakyu train to Hakone.

Actually I have already bought a train ticket within the Yamanote Line before I decided to go to Hakone, so I have to get a new ticket with the correct fare at the fare adjustment machine when I reach Odawara later. Reach Odawara finally after the 1.5 hrs of train ride; immediately I headed to the fare adjustment machine but… the machine do not accept 10,000 Yen note and my wallet have 10,000 Yen note only!!

Gosh… luckily there are few stall selling bento before the exit gate, so I buy a cheap bento to get my 10,000 Yen note to small change. The stall I bought the bento have no small change for the 10,000 Yen but luckily that I am in Japan, the lady boss is so good and she run to others stall to get it change for me. Japanese is always so good and kind.

After exit from the platform, I headed to the Odakyu tourism center to buy the Hakone day pass and mark the start of my journey to try the 7 type of transportations in a day.


A day in Shinjuku

It is Sunday, which is also the second day I m in Tokyo; our destination for the day is Shinjuku.

We just walk and walk in the Shinjuku. Being a first time traveler, first time in Japan which is an expensive country, I am not daring to buy anything, except at the 100 Yen shop.

We pass by a fruit stall, and guess what I saw there?

There is a D24 durian nicely wraps with the PVC wrap, the price tag show that it cost about RM100!!!! Sooooo expensive!!! No wonder there is one durian there only.

Shinjuku is really huge and there is lot of shop and department store. We spend some time at Kinokuniya, it is so huge and the stationery section is in another building. There is a nice lady inside the lift to help to press the button, and to control the amount of people inside the lift.

We had our dinner at a restaurant selling 天丼 ‘tendon’. It very delicious and quite cheap, if not mistaken it is at about 600Yen+ only. It is not the chain restaurant of 天丼てんや.

I am actually was thinking where to go on the next day as I never plan for it, but I just don’t know where to go, maybe too much of places or maybe I am bit loss as I have to travel alone starting the next day.